About us

Many people day dream about leaving their regular job behind in pursuit of their passion project... Jonathan and Elizabeth White made that dream a reality in 2019 and have yet to look back.

With Twins on the way and offshore shift work as a nurse, Jonathan grew tired of the “keeping up with the Jones” lifestyle. Looking to make a change to better their quality of life and explore their artistic interests, Elizabeth and Jonathan decided to move to the Twillingate area and start The White’s Emporium.

Drawing inspiration from the Twillingate area and rural Newfoundland, The White’s began making pieces with driftwood and seaglass from the beach incorporated into the design. Their first couple designs were experimental and for their close friends and family. However, they quickly found interest for their unique pieces growing. After the booming success of their humpback whale pieces, Jonathan and Elizabeth decided to make this passion project their full time jobs.

All pieces are conceptualized, designed, collected, and created by Jonathan and Elizabeth. Since the success of their Humpback Whale pieces they have expanded out into other traditional Newfoundland imagery like Lighthouses, Puffins, Landscapes and more. The amount of inspiration to draw from in the area is endless and this is what keeps Jonathan and Elizabeth passionate about creating, day after day.

Along with being passionate about art and their business they also are busy raising 3 young kids, involved in coaching at the local hockey league and sitting on the Twillingate Tourism board. There is never a dull moment in the White’s house and they wouldn’t want it any other way.